The Turnaround at Southeast Georgia Health System

Hospitals, like other businesses, can get sick. In 2001, the Southeast Georgia Health System was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. It was losing more than $13 million per year.

Just twelve months later, the hospital emerged from intensive care earning annual profits of over $11 million!

Effective Healthcare Leadership

What was behind this amazing $24 million turnaround? Read Healing a Hospital, the thrilling and informative account about how strong healthcare leadership and sound management enabled Southeast Georgia Health Systems to recover from the critical list to become the best large hospital in the state of Georgia!

Healing a Hospital is for you if …

  • You’re a business executive who wants to learn how to apply effective leadership principles and practical management techniques to make any business highly successful.
  • You’re a healthcare professional who wants to be informed and encouraged by the exciting story of one hospitals astounding recovery and benefit from learning some of the healthcare leadership principles behind the miracle.
  • You’re a community leader who seeks guidance and motivation for improving the quality of healthcare leadership in your region.

About the Author

David Herdlinger is a coach. Through Kashbox Coaching, he provides personal and team coaching services for individuals and organizations worldwide. Through the powerful dynamics of corporate coaching, he has helped thousands of executives and professionals at all levels and in all types of organizations unleash their potential and achieve more than they ever dreamed possible. His work at Southeast Georgia Health System is what Healing a Hospital recounts.

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